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CABA is looking to expand the depth in our Board of Directors! Please contact us if you are interested in taking the steps to become part of the vision of CABA 2.0.

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Weldon WeaverWeldon Weaver / Chairman, effective June 14, 2012

Weldon learned to ride a bicycle in New Jersey from the neighborhood kids using the “push-into-the-pole method.” He turned and missed the pole. Now he makes avoiding poles, pot-holes, train tracks and cars part of his daily regime commuting to work. Weldon believes strongly that this is an exciting time for cycling in America. The monetary price of gas, the ecological price of gas and the political price of gas is a powerful justification for a cycling as a logical choice. He joined CABA to collaborate on solutions with like-minded people and get involved in enhancing the cycling experience of his neighbors. Weldon spent 2007 in four cities – London, Dublin, San Jose, CA and Charlotte. Only one city is dominated by large SUVs and has only a handful of commuter cyclists, can you guess which one? He feels qualified to help CABA and the Charlotte community identify and communicate local cycling infrastructure deficiencies. As a natural critical thinker, he’s quick to dial 3-1-1 and report transportation issues or speak at a City Council meeting. Weldon has a large portfolio of digital cycling related photos on – – many from his extensive travels.

Weldon is also the creator of Charlotte Velo, keeping a pulse on all cycling related accidents on the roads of the Charlotte area. 

Jon Harding / Treasurer

Jon is the current treasurer of CABA and is obsessive about all kinds of bikes.  He’s a full time transportation cyclist/commuter, weekend roadie, mountain biker, and bicycle tourist.  Jon spends his time off the saddle as a technology manager working for one of Charlotte’s big banks.  He discovered his love of bicycling along the country roads of north eastern Pennsylvania on a BMX bike in the 80s, and is a life-long athlete who attended high school and college in Pennsylvania.  After finishing college and a NCAA swimming and water polo career, Jon dabbled in triathlon for a few years, but came away with a renewed itch for all forms of bicycling.  In 2003, Jon choose to relocate to Charlotte and brought his love of bicycling with him.  After completing his graduate degree from UNC Charlotte in 2009, Jon started his year long journey committed to selling his car and using primarily a bike for transportation and documenting the journey at  You may see Jon around Charlotte’s Cotswold neighborhood with his wife Katie and son, Graham, bicycling for lunch or coffee.

Keith Sorensen / Member BOD
Keith fell in love with cycling at age 15. He discovered a new freedom a bicycle exploring the west
coast of Michigan on all-day bike rides during his summer vacations.  At age 16, Keith was quickly disabused of the romance of car ownership when he found that he was pouring all his hard-earned money into keeping his old clunker running.  While in college, Keith interned with Transportation Alternatives in NYC, and the Northwest Bicycle Alliance in Seattle, Washington. In Cleveland, Ohio in 2001 he helped start an Earn-A-Bike program for underprivileged kids. Moving to Charlotte in 2004, Keith, then a bike messenger, got the notion to start another community based bike service – the Trips for Kids ReCyclery – where Keith served as the shop coordinator.  He has a Masters in Geography/Transportation Studies from UNCC and works as a community planner for the Town of Indian Trail.

Horace (“Tobe”) Holmes / BOD Member
For Tobe, cycling has been a gradual progression. The epic neighborhood journeys as a kid slowly evolved to extensive tours around the southeast (as well as a few more bike-friendly locales) and daily bicycle commuting.  Of course, with increased frequency and distance came the need for better gear and more bikes, leading to a brief career in the cycling industry.  After spending a few years in Charleston, SC selling bikes, pulling wrenches and running a couple of shops, Tobe realized that although it was rewarding to get people on bikes, safety and infrastructure were the key limiting factors to helping people get out and ride.  This, in part, led Tobe to Clemson U. for a Masters in City and Regional Planning and a profession as a Transportation Planner. Tobe takes every opportunity, not only get people on bikes, but also keep them safe in the process.

Arleigh JenkinsArleigh Jenkins / Director of Development

For the past 14 years cycling has been that of a lifestyle for Arleigh. From road racing, to working in the bike industry  and making a career out of putting more butts on bikes. Currently, as the Southeast Rep for Quality Bicycle Products her footprint in cycling is increasing and we are excited to bring her passion of bicycling and exciting people to the board of CABA. Focusing on community engagement, increasing the growth and excitement behind CABA, and simply – putting more people on bicycles. Most of our news, social outreach and updates have her typing to thank, but also on Bike Shop Girl where she has put much energy on getting more women on bicycles.

Ann Groninger, Attorney /Consultant to the BOD
Ann is currently a partner in the Charlotte office of Copley Johnson and Groninger LLP. In 2008 she teamed up with  founded by Attny. Peter Wilborn of Charleston S.C. She and Peter provide pro bono legal advice to school groups, law enforcement personnel, cycling clubs and teams – about insurance, organizational structure, advocacy efforts, bicycle safety and more. They also offer fee paid services for victims of bicycle crash situations in North and South Carolina. Ann graduated cum laude from Tulane University School of Law where she was an editor on the Tulane Environmental Law Journal and a Public Interest Law Foundation grant recipient. Ann is active with the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ), where she serves on the Board of Governors. Ann has prepared amicus briefs on behalf of the North Carolina ACLU and NCAJ. She is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, the League of American Bicyclists. Ann’s son Max is the youngest member of the CABA Board of Directors, although Ann categorically denies that she has had any influence whatsoever in the Board’s tender of approval on Max’s behalf.

Max the Mighty / Member BOD
The Board had to meet in a closed door session to decide if the bylaws could be interpreted to admit members who are under the legal drinking age. Their decision was a resounding “YES” as announced at the 2009 CABA annual picnic. Max is serious about life’s pursuits. Rumor has it that his personal day-care trainer has him on a special diet and workout regimen to prep for his first century ride. Remarks Max: ” I’ve always felt that CABA’s Board needs to be energized by a new generation of activists. All they’ve got now is a bunch of old farts.”


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