A Dawn of a New Day for Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance

July 24, 2012

Charlotte Bicycling

Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance (CABA) is excited to announce and declare the dawn of a new day within our non-profit organization with a simple mission: to meaningfully impact and serve the Charlotte area community by promoting bicycling among all people.

Originally founded in 1997 under the name of B.I.K.E.S. of Charlotte Mecklenburg by Dan Faris, and renamed in 2007 as Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance, the organization has undergone an intensive 60 days of change.

Earlier this summer CABA had three leading men step down. Dan Faris as Board President, Martin Zimmerman as Executive Director and Bill Short as Secretary all resigned between the end of May and early June 2012.

The first step of CABA’s transition was to appoint Weldon Weaver to President of the Board and Tobe Holmes as interim Executive Director. Weldon has been active on the board of CABA for several years and brings a vibrant style of advocating to this leadership position. As interim Executive Director, Tobe Holmes will provide day-to-day management and leadership through the development of a long term strategy and restructuring of the organization.
Joining the board in June was Haley Beaupre in the Secretary position. Haley brings an analytical mind and motivating personality to this important phase of CABA. In addition, Haley is on the Charlotte Bicycle Advisory Committee that advises the City Council on bicycle plans and makes recommendations on implementing the policies and strategies.

Another female addition to the Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance Board of Directors is Arleigh Jenkins. With a marketing background and as the Southeast representative for Quality Bicycle Products, Arleigh will become a networker of cycling advocacy for CABA across the Southeast. A large focus for Arleigh will be rebranding and starting the marketing pushes for CABA in the second half of 2012 into 2013.

A Dawn of a New Day for Charlotte Area Cycling

Charlotte Area CyclingOn Saturday, July 14, 2012, the Board of Directors and a small group of Charlotte area cycling enthusiasts met for a daylong facilitated meeting of the minds.

The goal from the Board of Directors for this meeting was the following:

1. An hour-long bicycle ride around Charlotte to witness specific Charlotte bicycle initiatives such as the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, 4th Street green bike lane, and East Boulevard bike path

2. Share findings of a recent Charlotte area cycling survey that CABA had put together

3. Decide on specific priorities for the next 6 months under the new leadership to solidify the placement of CABA in the hearts and minds of Charlotte area potential and current cyclists

Priorities for Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance for July 2012 – February 2013

Take CABA to the Community

To develop a plan, curriculum and list of events to put CABA in specific outreach to expand the network of current and potential cyclists who are knowledgeable of CABA, including:
• An Education Program
• CABA Ride Series focusing social rides and events
• CABA Event Calendar of events that CABA will be in present with tent and collateral

Cyclovia Event for 2013

To start researching logistics, partners and needs to host event in April of 2013.

Economic Impact

To design and complete a usage and economic impact study of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, with the aim of educating elected officials as a means of advocacy, while also providing the findings to the broader Charlotte area community as an informational service.

Charlotte B-Cycle Involvement

To develop a plan with Dianna Ward of Charlotte B-Cycle to help educate, advocate and promote the new bicycle share program called B-Cycle.

Increase Exposure of CABA

A small team of volunteers to think of specific out of the box ideas to promote CABA in areas that may be overlooked.

Permanent bicycle mechanic’s stand and tools at greenway trailheads

CABA Needs Your Involvement

We have taken your survey results to create the above priorities. Now it is your turn to help us meet and exceed our priorities! Our goal is to complete and exceed these by February of 2013. We are building committees of our volunteers to work on each priority and the first step is to hear from you on what you would like to be involved with, what skills or detail you can bring to this committee, where you live and a phone number to get this started quickly!

There are many ways to let us know you want to be involved!

Email: info@charlottebikes.org or tobe@charlottebikes.org
Phone: Tobe Holmes 843-345-7709
Online Form: http://charlottebikes.org/involvementform


Photos of B-Cycle Unveiling

July 13, 2012

As we have mentioned, yesterday was an exciting day for Charlotte area cyclist with the Charlotte B-Cycle release. The event included a few great speeches and for willing volunteers we were able to ride the B-Cycle bicycles for the first time!

Photo Credit: Weldon Weaver

Hello Charlotte B-Cycle!

July 12, 2012

Hello Charlotte B-Cycle! Through a partnership with Charlotte Center City Partners, NC Blue Cross Blue Shield, Carolinas HealthCare System and the City of Charlotte – there will soon be 200 blue bikes located among 20 bike share stations all over Uptown, South End and the Little Sugar Creek Greenway!

The system aims to  provide  access to bicycles for short-distance trips in the Center City and offer an alternative to motorized public transportation or private vehicles.  The affect: cleaner air, healthier people and less congestion.  Just unlock a bike from any station and return it to any station system wide.  There when you need it, gone when you don’t.

Come check it out for free Thursday, July 12 thru  Sunday, July 15 at the Trade & Tryon + 7th Street Market Stations.  For more information go to CharlotteBcycle.com!

CABA members receive a $10 discount off of their Charlotte B-cycle annual membership, normally $65. Just email bikeshare@charlottebikes.org for your promo code and pin!

Charlotte B-cycle members receive a $20 discount off of the CABA annual membership, normally $35.

B-Fit, B-Smart, B-Cycle!

Davidson Healthy Street Designs

July 9, 2012

This past Saturday I visited my local farmer’s market in Davidson. The purpose was to see first hand what Davidson is working on for their “Healthy Street Design.”

From Katherine Herbert, Davidson Design for Life Coordinator:

In September of 2011, the Town of Davidson received a grant for over $116,000 each year renewable for up to 3 years from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention: Healthy Community Design Initiative to conduct three health impact assessments (HIA) and to train others in conducting HIAs. This grant, which required no direct costs to the town, enabled Davidson to hire a DD4L Coordinator, Katherine Hebert, to conduct these HIAs and promote healthy community design. The grant was highly competitive and ranked Davidson equal to public health departments in Oregon, Massachusetts, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Douglas County Nebraska (Omaha).
Davidson Design for Life (DD4L) is an initiative the Town of Davidson created as a result of this grant to foster healthy community design through the use of health impact assessments (HIA), public participation, and collaborative efforts in Davidson, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region, and North Carolina.
DD4L Mission: “To help Davidson be a community that is healthy today and even healthier tomorrow while serving as a model for other small towns by implementing healthy design.”
DD4L Goals:
1. Develop a better understanding of the HIA process as it applies to small, rural towns and use HIA to evaluate and inform built environment decisions by the Town of Davidson as well as regional and statewide decision-makers.
2. More fully and broadly engage our citizens in the decision making process to make healthier lifestyle options available.
3. Collaborate with local, regional, and national partners to promote the use and understanding of HIA and healthy community design principals.
4. Document and share the steps we take and the partnerships we form in order to serve as a model for communities to follow nation-wide.
The Town of Davidson’s Davidson Design For Life initiative not only is focusing on healthy street design (PDF attached) as of one of its health impact assessments, but is also helping our citizens to stay safe in other tangible ways, such as creating a brochure on “Walking and Wheeling Safety Tips” (DD4L brochure PDF attached). In light of some recent bicycle and pedestrian safety issues, Davidson has also been working to increase crosswalk visibility and safety, and the NCDOT has been working to resurface Main Street to make the streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Public Meetings

As I mentioned this past Saturday for one of the “Public Meetings.” This involved a booth at the local farmer’s market where they had information sat out, a huge map of the Davidson area and little red, yellow or green dots you could put on the map to indicate places you feel are good, okay but could improve, or needs fixed.

Davidson Healthy Streets

More Info and Details

PDF Brochures for download

Contact Katherine with questions/feedback, or try to make one of the public meetings!

Katherine Hebert, Davidson Design for Life Coordinator, at (704)940-9620 or khebert@townofdavidson.org

• July 7 21- Booth at Davidson Farmer’s Market (8:00 AM-Noon)
• July 25- Meeting at Town Hall (6:00-8:00 PM)

Bicycle Safety on WCNC’s Charlotte Today

July 6, 2012

Charlotte local, Jodi Winterton, was recently in a segment on Charlotte Today talking about bicycle safety. Thank you Jodi for being part of the movement.

Unfortunately the video is not encoding properly so please click the link to view the video!

Welcome Haley Beaupre to the CABA Board of Directors!

July 3, 2012
We are pleased to announce that Haley Beaupre has joined the Board of Directors and will assume the Secretary position.   Haley grew up in Minneapolis area, where she learned to love riding around the lakes, and attended the University of Notre Dame, where she learned to love riding among the corn fields.  Haley moved to Charlotte in 2010 and now works as an analyst at Bank of America.  In addition to the CABA board, Haley is currently also on the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC).  We are looking forward to her experience and energy.  Please join us in welcoming Haley into her new role.
Haley Beaupre. Photo by Weldon Weaver. Read the rest of this entry »

Thank You Bill Short !

July 2, 2012

Bill Short. Photo by Paul Cunningham.

When we needed a permit for 30 kegs of beer at Marshall Park, Bill Short simply took care of it.   When it came to permits, insurance and other “Where do we start?” tasks, Bill would step up and knock them out.   Bill joined our volunteer Board of Directors and served a full term as Secretary.  Bill has stepped down from his officer roll as secretary of  CABA effective June 30th.  We will certainly miss his articulation, objectivity, authority and his deep voice of reason.   Please join me in thanking Bill for his service to the Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance and wishing him well in the future.