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  1. terrry illyes says:

    Well 6 more bicyclist got hit on Wednesday in cabarrus county and only one mention on news. and it was involving a group ride with sixteen riders. What is going on with these drivers and when is someone going to step forward and get the police departments to help bike riders be safe. cars see how close and fast they can go by riders, they pass you on hills when they can,t see on coming traffic,they pass when there is on coming traffic and know you have no room.they have the whole road and still have to be within 1 foot of the rider go figure and then the local stations can’t cover an accident involving six riders. SOMETHING WRONG HERE

  2. Stacy Raynor says:

    Saw a great article this weekend about how LA is becoming more opent to biking…my last visit to LA 8 years ago I would of never of thought this could happen in LA
    Now if LA can do it Why can’t Charlotte!

    Just wondering of we can host an event that would generate some cash to help with Greenways and Bike Paths in Charlotte NC that support the long term master plan and maybe create some more contigous paths/greenways in Charlotte

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