Mission Statement


Charlotte Mecklenburg as a region where people of all
ages enjoy cycling for everyday transportation,
recreation and health.


CABA works to create a bicycle friendly community through cycling awareness, education, safety advocacy and promotion of bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation.


Build optimum infrastructure – – advocate for bike lanes, greenways, bicycle master plans,
bicycle design guidelines, bike racks, neighborhood connectivity, traffic calming, safe routes to
schools, and access to mass transit.

Advance enlightened public policy – – lobby for bike-friendly ordinances, laws and law
enforcement, court decisions to uphold bicyclists’ rights, and appropriate tax mechanisms at all
levels of government which affirm bicycling as an economic benefit.

Educate the general public – – promote bicycle awareness, safety and educational programs,
annual Bike Week, charity rides and other special events, bike maintenance classes, and
learn-to-ride clinics in schools and elsewhere.

Forge coalitions and build partnerships – – cooperate with others to support the CABA
VISION and MISSION including public agencies, educational institutions, businesses, bike shops
and bike clubs, elected officials, neighborhood groups, the media and other non-profits.


  • Integrating bicycling with all other forms of transportation.
  • Equal cycle access regardless of sex, race, income, age or physical impairments.
  • Designing sidewalks, urban plazas, shopping centers, libraries, schools, office buildings,
    and similar destination places to accommodate bicyclists and bicycle storage.
  • Unrestricted bicycle access to and through City and County parks, greenways and similar open spaces.
  • Compact, mixed-income and mixed-use developments within walking and biking distance of
    CATS transit and neighborhood services.
  • Preventing auto-dependent sprawl.
  • Clean air and water – sustainability as a 21st century imperative for all communities.
  • Wellness and healthy lifestyles.
  • Ending oil addiction by bicycling – bicycling as green energy.
  • Reducing everyday household expenses thru bicycling.
  • Bicycling for fun – whether solo or with companions.
  • Bicycling as mainstream, not fringe.

4 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. Jose says:

    My Wife is does not know how to ride a bike. Please direct me to a training facility for beginers in the Charlotte Area.


  2. Andrew Causey says:

    I have a couple of bicycles I would like to donate. Who/what group can I contact.


    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      Open the Trips for Kids icon on the website or Google Recyclery Charlotte NC. They are on N. Davidson. A nonprofit…..

      martin zimmerman / Exec Dir / CABA

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