Davidson Healthy Street Designs

This past Saturday I visited my local farmer’s market in Davidson. The purpose was to see first hand what Davidson is working on for their “Healthy Street Design.”

From Katherine Herbert, Davidson Design for Life Coordinator:

In September of 2011, the Town of Davidson received a grant for over $116,000 each year renewable for up to 3 years from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention: Healthy Community Design Initiative to conduct three health impact assessments (HIA) and to train others in conducting HIAs. This grant, which required no direct costs to the town, enabled Davidson to hire a DD4L Coordinator, Katherine Hebert, to conduct these HIAs and promote healthy community design. The grant was highly competitive and ranked Davidson equal to public health departments in Oregon, Massachusetts, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Douglas County Nebraska (Omaha).
Davidson Design for Life (DD4L) is an initiative the Town of Davidson created as a result of this grant to foster healthy community design through the use of health impact assessments (HIA), public participation, and collaborative efforts in Davidson, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region, and North Carolina.
DD4L Mission: “To help Davidson be a community that is healthy today and even healthier tomorrow while serving as a model for other small towns by implementing healthy design.”
DD4L Goals:
1. Develop a better understanding of the HIA process as it applies to small, rural towns and use HIA to evaluate and inform built environment decisions by the Town of Davidson as well as regional and statewide decision-makers.
2. More fully and broadly engage our citizens in the decision making process to make healthier lifestyle options available.
3. Collaborate with local, regional, and national partners to promote the use and understanding of HIA and healthy community design principals.
4. Document and share the steps we take and the partnerships we form in order to serve as a model for communities to follow nation-wide.
The Town of Davidson’s Davidson Design For Life initiative not only is focusing on healthy street design (PDF attached) as of one of its health impact assessments, but is also helping our citizens to stay safe in other tangible ways, such as creating a brochure on “Walking and Wheeling Safety Tips” (DD4L brochure PDF attached). In light of some recent bicycle and pedestrian safety issues, Davidson has also been working to increase crosswalk visibility and safety, and the NCDOT has been working to resurface Main Street to make the streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Public Meetings

As I mentioned this past Saturday for one of the “Public Meetings.” This involved a booth at the local farmer’s market where they had information sat out, a huge map of the Davidson area and little red, yellow or green dots you could put on the map to indicate places you feel are good, okay but could improve, or needs fixed.

Davidson Healthy Streets

More Info and Details

PDF Brochures for download

Contact Katherine with questions/feedback, or try to make one of the public meetings!

Katherine Hebert, Davidson Design for Life Coordinator, at (704)940-9620 or khebert@townofdavidson.org

• July 7 21- Booth at Davidson Farmer’s Market (8:00 AM-Noon)
• July 25- Meeting at Town Hall (6:00-8:00 PM)


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