The CABA Leadership Team is Growing!

Arleigh JenkinsWe are pleased to announce the latest addition to the CABA board of directors, Arleigh Jenkins.

Arleigh will join the CABA board and act as the Director of Development.  Arleigh is a bicycle industry insider, and has been a force for bicycle advocacy for the past 14 years. From road racing, to working in the bike industry and making a career out of putting more butts on bikes. Arleigh is currently the Southeast Rep for Quality Bicycle Products and her footprint in cycling continues to increase.  We are excited to bring her passion of bicycling and leadership to the board of CABA. Arleigh will focus on community engagement, increasing the membership size and excitement behind CABA, and quite simply – putting more people on bicycles. Moving forward, our online presence, social outreach, and online updates will have her creativity to thank.

Arleigh also blogs at Bike Shop Girl where she has put much energy on getting more women on bicycles.


2 Responses to The CABA Leadership Team is Growing!

  1. Buzz Morley says:

    Welcome Arliegh! Thanks so much.

    • arleighjenkins says:

      Buzz – I’m excited and humbled rolled all in one! Looking forward to getting more ideas from folks like you!!!

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