David Byrne in NYTimes

Dateline: May 27, Op-ed piece by musician, artist and Bicycle Diaries author

Check out this illuminating essay by former Talking Head performer and a bicycle advocate who who makes it his habit to bike wherever he tours and lives a car-minimal life style in NY City  ….” More than 200 cities around the world have bike-share programs. We’re not the first, but ours will be one of the largest systems. The program will start with 420 stations spread through the lower half of Manhattan, Long Island City and much of western Brooklyn; eventually more than 10,000 bikes will be available. It will cost just under $10 for a day’s rental.”

Thanks to Mark Peres, President of Charlotte Viewpoint for alerting us to this inspirational item.

We are still waiting to hear from Charlotte Center City Partners to find out if and when bike share is to arrive in the Queen City. Michael Smith, CEO of CCCP, did mention at the Annual Mayor’s ride that a special announcement was coming soon. Presumably  significant progress is being made to secure funding, sign up a sponsoring partner and negotiate an agreement with a system supply and management company. But nothing official as yet. Stay tuned.

CLICK: Bike Share is no BS for Byrne’s full article, video and reader comments.


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