In and around Charlotte

  • Cycle Track in Uptown – maybeWe hear that a consultant contract is being negotiated to study the feasibility of Charlotte’s first  two-way   “cycletrack” along 3d Street from the new Little Sugar Creek Greenway and CPCC thru Uptown to Irwin Creek Greenway. 
  •  “Bike Share” update  –   CABA has been informed that discussions are taking place for outside vendors and sponsors for a bike share program on or before the DNC convention in Sept. 2012 but nothing is firm as yet. More news upcoming. Stay tuned !
  • Bad News: Update on $10  million Federal “Tiger Grant” application for a major urban/suburban bike trail –  Unfortunately, Charlotte did not make the cut. This could have been a big one . It could have leveraged another $20 million to build a trail connecting Little Sugar Creek NE to Tobey Creek at UNCC and from there all the way to Cabarus County as a major link in the unfolding Carolina Thread Trail system. There were over 800 applicants !
  • Green lanes for Charlotte ? – CDOT has received tentative approval from national certifiers to construct some “green lanes” as an experiment. This is big news, and if you have ridden on them elsewhere you may have experince the secure feeling it is to be on one. BTW: In other cities they are also blue and red. As long as they are bright who cares !? CLICK: GoGreen to see a video of Brooklyn, New York’s test lane.

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