DONATE TO CABA: The clock is ticking. Another year about to begin…

In the past we have offered incentives, like free tail light blinkies, gift certificates, discounts at area bike shops, and even free passes to the Tour de France (just kidding). This time around all we seek is your loyalty and commitment to the cause. According to our polls, that’s the reason the vast majority of folks contribute to CABA. Our donors remain loyal because they know we are working for them, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

We all know the many benefits of cycling – –  savings on household expenses (up to $8400 per year according the the American Automobile Assocation), cleaner air, ending oil addiction and auto dependency, trimming couch potato waistlines, supporting a robust economy, …..and just plain fun ! We know it’s about more than just the bike. We know that we are all in this together.

This time around we are asking for a simple one-time donation. If you are already a member (that includes our many corporate and foundation sponsors along with individuals) we ask you take a minute and donate an addtional sum. If you are not a member that’s ok too. (By the way, your donation is tax-deductible.)

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To  donate – – simply click the box on the upper right column marked “Donate” and pay whatever amount you prefer by credit card. It’s that easy.
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In case you are wondering just how CABA’s allocating your member dollars, here are some key initiatives we are working on:

  • Campaign to make NCDOT owned arterial streets bicycle friendly – making sure “Complete the Streets” guidelines as passed by City Council in 2008 are an NCDOT priority in the Queen City.
  • Expand and upgrade the CABA “bike valet” service – at local civic and sporting events to match the level of San Francisco, Washington D.C. and other national trendsetters.
  • A marketing campaign -to spread the pro-cycling brand to possibly include T-shirts, jerseys, decals, bike shop promotions, and hi-profile local media coverage.
  • A proactive educational program –  for novice, casual riders to become dedicated everyday cyclists.
  • Keeping federal, state and local transporation funding dollars intact – to generate badly needed jobs in stressful economic times – including funds for bicycling and walking infrastructure.
Your donation can make a HUGE difference….
We invite you to invest in a brighter future.
Support cycling friendly campaigns that are reshaping our community !


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