Higher than worst case scenarios

Dateline: November 4 – Washington Post and other sources

Zero emission vehicle. copyright Andy Singer cartoons

Year 2010 results are published. We first saw this on page 6A of the Charlotte Observer. Read this excerpt > ” We’d be facing much higher land temperatures — as much as a 5.5°C (10°F) rise in parts of the United States — plus a six-foot sea-level rise by 2100, along with large species loss, many more extreme weather events, and a big hit to the world’s food supply. Arctic temperatures could rise as much as 11°C (20°F), which would, among other things, speed up the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet…”

It’s increasingly difficult to find a ray of hope when confronted with data as alarming as these findings. CLICK: Dire warnings to read full Washington Post article.


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