memberships – SPECIAL OFFER !

Deadline is MIDNIGHT ….

Charlie Brown
OUR PUMPKIN PATCH GOAL is 50 new members. CABA is working for you day and night, (even during a full moon), to make sure the really big challenges are overcome. Ask Charlie Brown. He knows. Yes, we do believe in the Great Pumpkin !
*                    *                    *
 Now it’s your turn. Just reach into your candy bag and pull out $35. That’s real money, not candy money. [$15 for low income, seniors and students ]. The next 7 folks who join receive a super red Planet Bike flashing “blinkie” tail light ($29.95 retail value). Just the right solution to keep the neighborhood vampires at bay. The clock is ticking, ticking, ticking …..
*                    *                    *
CLICK: HOW TO JOIN page of this website and choose your method of payment.
*                    *                    *
In case you are wondering just how CABA’s allocating your member dollars, here are some choice priorities:
  • Bring “bikeshare” facilities to Charlotte – either in the short or long term.
  • Campaign to make NCDOT owned arterial streets in the City of Charlotte bicycle friendly.
  • Expand and upgrade the CABA “bike valet” service at big civic and sporting events to match the level of San Francisco, Washington D.C. and other national trendsetters.
  • A marketing campaign to spread the pro-cycling brand to include T-shirts, jerseys, decals, bike shop promotions, and possible local media coverage.
  • A proactive program for novice, casual riders to become dedicated everyday cyclists.

50 new members can make a HUGE


We invite you to invest in a brighter future.

Support cycling friendly campaigns that are reshaping our community !


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