How to build a greener city 

  • Dateline: Sept.12, Wall Street Journal – “Can cities be part of the environmental solution instead of part of the problem ? ……Bike lanes, micro wind turbines, pneumatic garbage collection—and other ways to make urban areas more environmentally friendly…” This is the lead article in today’s Environment section of the WSJ. For full article: CLICK: Urban Green.       

 Who is Janette Sadik-Kahn ? 

  • Dateline: Sept. 11, New York Times –  Highly complimentary essay on New York City’s proactive bicycle advocate and visionary (and frequently demonized) , Janette Sadik-Khan/Transportation Commissioner. If urban biking can work in the Big Apple, it can work anywhere (!). Thanks to CABA member Harry Johnson for alerting us.   For full article CLICK: Big Apple WonderWoman.  For Utube interview CLICK: BAWoWo.

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