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  1. jill Duncan says:

    I am so sorry the man died on Poindexter after being Hit by a car. However he should not have been on that road in the dark. A little personal responsibility goes a long way.
    Don’t ride your bike in the dark, it is dangerous and you might be killed.

    • Dan Bennett says:

      He was out riding with friends that morning and it was bright enough to be seen.That kind of thought process is rather Childish. We ride because we can and we ride when we want to day or night. We do stuff that you will never ever know about by bike that helps keep this city moving. His death could have been prevented if the Driver had stopped. Bottom line Dark or light. The driver should have stopped. Life is valuable lets keep it that way even if all we ever do is ride a bike for transportation

  2. andrew. israel says:

    This was reported in 2010:

    Car accidents kill 230,000 americans every year.
    So I don’t think Jill Duncan’s contention is not supported by the facts.

    According to the World Health Organization 1.2 Million people are killed in car accidents around the world. A further 50 million

  3. andrew. israel says:

    A further 50 million are hurt in car accidents.
    Car accidents are the 1 killer of persons in the 15-39 year old age bracket.

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