Last seen in Lexington Kentucky


Better late than never

As reported in late May Observer and Creative Loafing blog

 [ We are still getting a lot of interest in this news item, so we are keeping it on the News and View spage for a while longer]

“If you’re looking to ride home with conservative WBT-AM radio host and Loafing columnist Tara Servatius you’re out of luck.” According to a piece in the The Charlotte Observer today, Servatius met with WBT management at the end of her Thursday show and was told that she wouldn’t be returning.“WBT will not be renewing its employment agreement with Tara Servatius,” said Heidi Raphael, vice president of corporate communication for Massachusetts-based Greater Media, which owns the station.“We are grateful for Tara’s contributions to the station, and we wish her the best”…

And so do we ! Adios Tara ! ! Farewell, and chill out. It’s only a job.

To refresh your memory, go back to last August and read Tara’s callous remarks and CABA’s rebuttal to her attack on the legitimacy of cycling. Just enter the word “Tara” ( or the words “road rage” ) in the search box above > >



  1. andrew israel says:

    Her editorial in Creative Loafing was the one of the most vitriolic things I have read about cyclists in Charlotte.

    I don’t think its polite to kick somebody when they are down, so I am not going to cast any aspersions.

    Adios muchacha.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Thanks Andrew. If by “kick somebody when they are down” you mean the “Adios” post this week, one must ask if taking a sarcastic poke at a journalist who deserves so little respect for the very “vitriol” you cite, can accurately be interpreted as a “kick when they are down.” Furthermore, for all we know she was relieved to break from WBT.

      BTW: I take full responsibility for the post, and it does not necessarily represent the opinion of CABA or its Board of Directors.

      – martin zimmerman / Exec. Director

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