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By now, most of you probably know who Tara Servatius is. It was on her news-talk radio program in early July that she took aim at everyday cyclists labeling them as a band of social deviants, a rant she repeated in Creative Loafing and which touched off a fire-storm of response that lasted for several weeks. If you didn’t tune in by radio, or TV, you probably saw the great August 12 Observer editorial and the  provocative Kevin Siers cartoon.

In our 600 word rebuttal to Tara in Creative Loafing, CABA did its best (with Attorney Ann Groninger and bike shop owner Melissa Bell) to contribute a voice of reason amidst a very contentious process.  And if the many supportive emails and phone calls we got are any indication, CABA’s efforts were much appreciated.

What Tara failed to recognize was that we cyclists are no different from anyone else, including some of us who lack the means to own and operate a car. We know Ms. Servatius has it all wrong. We know that bicycling boils down to the very practical choice of connecting to work, shopping, school or a friend’s house. Or riding through the neighborhood to the nearest greenway. Or taking in a movie, a coffee house or pub. Or getting guaranteed free “bike valet” parking at the annual Quail Hollow Championship golf tournament (CABA volunteers parked over 200 cyclists this year!).

CABA is one of 160 local, state and national advocacy groups whose collective mission is no less than to redefine the role of everyday bicycling in American life. At a time when words like “green” and “sustainability” have taken on increased urgency, bicycling is simply the sensible and logical option for an individual or household to make.

By joining CABA you invest in this mission.

Your support can help us move forward on an array of projects all meant to make your next ride easier, safer and a lot more fun. Thanking you in advance for your commitment to a progressive bicycle agenda for our community – – and happy cycling ! – CABA Board of Directors / Dan Faris, Chairman

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Join at discounted individual rate of $15 by Labor Day. Receive a Planet Bike  flashing red bike tail light ($29.95 retail value) if you join at the standard $35 rate.

All new members also qualify for 10% discounts for as many times as they want at 14 area bike shops. This is a very popular incentive during these recessionary times.

TO JOIN BY CREDIT CARD – CLICK: How to Join tab at the top of this page.

TO JOIN BY CHECK – send to Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance, 1616 Bonnie Lane , Charlotte 28213 [pls. add your email address, snail mail address and phone # on your check].


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