Circling the blue marble >

London goes carbon – Watch London Mayor Boris Johnson voice halleluyas and tossle his bleach blond coif in this promo video. Including plans for bicycle “freeways” and center city “no car zones”. CLICK: BLon.

Bike sharing – Golden B.C. to Suzhou China – Tons of videos.The “bike sharing” phenomenon is encircling the globe. CLICK: BShare

San Francisco – See great poster showing tongue-in-cheek bike icons for trendy and not-so-trendy districts of the enchanted city on the bay.  Castro, Fisherman’s Wharf, Financial District, etc. From the Timbuk2 messenger bag and apparel folks. CLICK: SFran

Munich, Germany – an catchy film promo of Munich’s campaign to increase the levels of bicycle traffic in the city using positive marketing techniques. To make cycling in the city “normal” and “cool”. Using civic pride, photo competitions and the triangular concept of Attention, Identification and Participation. CLICK: MGerm.


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