Results of 1st public meeting

Bikeway planning for NE LYNX light rail Uptown to UNCC

John Cock of Alta consultants

About 20 people came to Sugaw Creek Baptist church to roll up their sleeves and do some brainstorming. Six members of CABA attended including Mike Murphy, Rich Haag,  and Harry Johnson. Mary Hopper (University City Partnership) and Peter Franz (UNCC planning department) were also participants. An evening of “problem seeking”  rather than “problem solving”. Two more public meetings and two stakeholder meetings are scheduled in the months ahead before the final report is submitted to City Council. Stay tuned.

CABA has been a prime mover in both initiating and tracking this City of Charlotte planning effort. (enter NE LYNX  in search box this page.) It has been a top priority for 2010 and will continue to be in 2011. We’re talking about 6.8 miles of bike route folks – right thru the heart of NE Charlotte.

Can the NE corridor match or exceed the quality and investment of the South Corridor ?

To view the maps already developed as preliminary routings CLICK:, select “Projects (A to Z), select “Northeast Corridor Bicycle Vision Study.” Joe Frey is the project manager for the City of Charlotte. For a comprehensive power point showing three dimensional views at station zones, land uses, TOD zoning mechanisms, planned bridge structures etc. CLICK: June 8, 2009 presentation to CABA.


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