What it means for Charlotte … and biking

One doesn’t need to be partisan to recognize the benefits.

  • 30,000 to 35,000 delegates, national and international media, key policy and political decision-makers and other visitors to area hotels, restaurants, entertainment and other businesses
  • New construction and other jobs for two years leading up to and during convention week. Early estimate of $150 million – $200 million potential economic impact for an estimated $40 million – $45 million investment – to help support libraries, schools, parks, public safety and other services crucial to quality of life.

And that’s not all. Do you know that there was bike sharing at the 2008 Denver Convention, and a surplus of $1 million that was poured back into bicycle accommodations after the convention ended. Talk about “green” dividends !

CLICK: Here‘s my vote, to add your name to the rest and to tell the power brokers that Charlotte is where it’s happening. Word has it that they’re checking out local support very carefully before making a decision at the end of this year.The convention is set for September 2012. The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary take place that February, less than 15 months away.


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