A one-time funding appeal

Dear members and friends: At no time since CABA’s founding in 1998 has there been such a compelling moment to advance our agenda. That is why CABA is embarking on not just one, but TWO new campaigns ~ ~

CAMPAIGN #1 Now is the time to ramp up our bicycling safety and education efforts

Yes, voters just approved a doubling of the bike budget to $2 million. CABA worked very hard with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and other interests to get out the vote, and the victory is ours ! But that is not all. We need to make sure that all resources are spent wisely. We must contribute our fair share in time and money.

CABA wants to triple its investment towards  educating motorists and cyclists alike about bicyclists’ rights and obligations. We must catch up to comparable cities elsewhere.

We must expand our efforts directed at the court system and  our elected officials to level the playing field. We need to hire professionals to structure and teach cycling skills – from kids to seniors. We must demonstrate to a wide audience the importance of bicycling to our community in every way possible.

CAMPAIGN #2Now is the time to redefine the CABA “brand”

You have been asking for a NEW logo. You want more of the popular “Share the Road” jerseys. You want more ads in the media, more promotional posters, more attractive cycling brochures for residents and visitors alike. CABA has just hired Peter Kay, a passionate cyclist and graphic design consultant to lead this effort.  He has created powerful artwork from websites to jerseys for TotalCyclist, Uptown Cycles of Charlotte, and Partners for Active Living in Spartanburg.

More than ever, we must communicate the cause of biking to the wider community. And Peter is our man for the job.


We need you to help defray the costs that these branding and safety campaigns will entail. We have never asked for one time donation before, but this time we are.

And here’s how to participate:     We ask for a one-time donation at the next higher level. This means that if you are now a $15 member, you renew at $35; if currently a $35 member, you donate $50. Or if you are a 1 year member, you renew at 2 years. This is your chance to invest in a better future for Char-Meck cycling. If you are not yet a member, we ask that you join at the $50 dollar level.

CLICK: How to Join to pay by Paypal or by check.

Thanking you in advance……………..CABA Board of Directors/ Dan Faris, Chairperson.


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