1 BofA pkg. deck – 5th and College St.

Congrats to John Cristiano and PaulS ! You both win a  FREE CABA introductory membership ($35 value) plus 10% discounts at 14 area bike shopsand… free VIP passes (sorry, no bikes allowed) to a restroom or drinking fountain (fill up your bike bottle)  at any one of the convenient BofA locations in the Charlotte area. Just tell ’em CABA sent you.

(Can someone explain why BofA picked the magic number “300”  for the number of racks ? How many racks are really being used ? Does BofA have any kind of commuter cash incentives to encourage cycling or other forms of low carbon transportation ?  Does Uptown Charlotte REALLY need another humongous parking deck ?   Is the 1 BofA building and deck as GREEN AS IT GETS ? ? )

Click the comment bubble below and tell us what you think.  Also enter “BofA goes Green”  in the search box on this page for more info.

*   300 bike spaces, believe it or not   *


5 Responses to and the PHOTO QUIZ WINNERS are…

  1. This is kinda cheating since the name of the pic was “bofa” something, but it’s at the BoA Stadium, methinks.

  2. PaulS says:

    1 Bank of America Center??

  3. John Cristiano says:

    I’m voting that’s the new BofA bike parking center at the Bank of America 1 building on 5th and College.

  4. John Cristiano says:

    I thought I posted earlier, but my vote is the Bank of America 1 bike parking area in the new building at 5th and College.

  5. Pamela Murray says:

    We hosted a rck inauguration today. 12 people bike commuted in. Bill Fehr joined me and we led 3 new bike commuters into town. Lincoln Harris hosted the event and provided refreshments this morning and at noon when we re-assembled for a picture. The Ritz provided towels. Bill will have a post on his blog. There is talk about hosting a ride quarterly to encourage bike commuting. Today we got 12 cars off the road. Perfect crisp fall day for riding.

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