Struck by auto at S.Caldwell intersection

Thanks to Weldon Weaver and Matt and Kent at 36th St Racing for this info:

Excerpts from Weldon’s CharlotteVelo website:  “Advocate and bicycle racer Arleigh Jenkins was involved in a bicycle-automobile collision.  Arleigh received non-life threatening injuries and was taken to CMC via ambulance.  The accident occurred as she traveled north on S. Caldwell Street through the 3rd Street intersection….A new version of the Police Report was released this morning 10.10.10.  The driver’s statement has been changed; His new statement that the cyclist “came out of nowhere and struck his motor vehicle” has been replaced with one where he admits he hit the Jenkins, but includes the popular, guilt forgiving phrase “I did not see the cyclist”…..The 85 year old driver was not issued any traffic citations.    South Caldwell Street has no special cycling facility or designation according to the Charlotte Cycling Guide 09…but it is noted in dashed green on Google Maps as a street “recommended for cyclists”.

Arleigh is an ardent bicycle advocate on the local and national scene. She has her own websites,, and  We hope Arleigh is back on her bike REAL SOON. (photo credit: Joey Emmanuel)


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