A very clever (grassroots) idea  !

700 parks. 140 cities. 21 countries. 6 continents. The idea is fantastically simple. We saw it in Chattanooga a few weeks ago. The way it works is…..

Step 1 – you (and your city-loving friends) put enough money in a curbside parking meter to allow enough time  to install an instant “people park”.  A bench or two, a pink flamingo, indoor/outdoor carpeting…..and maybe a bike rack.

Step 2 – now the space is yours.  have an urban love-fest or at least hang out till the meter runs out.

Step 3 – put more money in the meter and stay there until your time is up. but don’t forget to get the media to publicize get photos and interview you.  get the word out via social marketing too.

Step 4 – exit site and plan your next harmless, legal and fun battle of urban turf warfare. CLICK: Reclaim your city to find out more, including a nifty video. Note: name, photo and link are copyrighted property of REBAR Group, Inc.


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