A sustainable Uptown ?

Dateline: Sept 23 – You may have seen the front page article in the Observer – a lot of razzle dazzle – a big press conference in NYC (Charlotte business /political elite) with the Clinton Global Initiatives folks).  The basic idea is called “Smart Energy Now”. According to the press release, “Duke Energy will provide the smart grid infrastructure in partnership with Cisco as well as energy data and insights that will afford greater visibility into the community’s energy usage. Smart Energy Now: Charlotte will engage major businesses and buildings’ owners in Uptown Charlotte to achieve up to a 20% reduction in energy use by 2016. The “Smart Energy Now” program….(will)  measure, manage and reduce energy use and emissions…..with owners of approximately 60 commercial buildings who control more than 15 million square feet” in Uptown…...  Envision: Charlotte also supports our 2020 Center City Vision Plan for becoming the most sustainable urban core in the nation.”

CABA serves on the transportation working group to the 2020 Vision Plan process. We  will be watching closely to see how the Duke Power/Cisco program is integrated into the overall planning effort that is scheduled to complete early in 2011.  For a more detailed account CLICK: Sustainable City.


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