Shannon Binns, Founder

DATELINE: Sept. 5, Charlotte Observer – “Sustain Charlotte, is a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring, informing and advancing sustainability across the Charlotte region. The organization provides information and opportunities for greater public engagement in the decisions that shape Charlotte’s future.

“Sustainability is about looking at other consequences of development beyond cost,” said Shannon Binns. “While it may be difficult to put a price tag on the benefit of clean air for example, the returns to the community of getting more cars off the road are tremendous. “”Health-care savings, gains in productivity and reduced energy usage are all aspects (that), while not easily quantified in dollars and cents, greatly contribute to our quality of life.” In April, Sustain Charlotte organized an effort to create a sustainable vision for our city. A cross section of Charlotte interests and local stakeholders assembled to listen as Mayor Anthony Foxx and Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners Chairwoman Jennifer Roberts spoke about sustainability issues. CABA us a proud supporter of Sustain Charlotte, an organization which is long overdue in the Queen City and metro area. To read more:  CLICK: Sustain.


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