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  • Espada Bicycles – UPDATE: Espada bike shop staff are almost finished with renovation of the former Beet shop space in the heart of NoDA.  Doors should re-open by the end of August. In the meantime check-out their weekly rides on Tues. eves. Congratulations, Nick and Steve.  For more info contact: steve@espadabicycles.com  (BTW: Espada is espanol for “sword”).
  • NE Corridor light rail / bike trail Stakeholder Group begin meetings The first of 3 meetings begins on Sept. 29 and will be conducted by John Cock of Alta bike/ped consulting firm. John is a devoted and highly regarded urban planner and cyclist and founder of the Charlotte Commuter Mentor Program. Members of the Stakeholder Group include reps from Center City Partners, NoDA, North End Partners, Queens College, UNCCharlotte Cycists, Queens College, and CABA reps Dan Faris and Andrew Street.
  • Bike rack update – Linda Construction has installed several racks at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, the Music Factory and other locations under CABA’s $20,000 bike rack to CDOT to place 100 – 2 bike racks on commercial sites in Charlotte. Other racks will go to 15 Harris Teeters, UNCC Research Park office buildings, Common Market/South End etc. Any suggestions ? Let us know by clicking the cloud bubble below.
  • Selwyn Road and East Blvd. bike lanes are completed. The former includes “sharrow” markings as well.

6 Responses to HAPPENINGS and UPDATES

  1. Pamela Murray says:

    Great idea to bring Cyclovia here. Let’s work with the new EcoDistrict which includes Optimist Park and Villa Heights to be the location. This is the home of Trips for Kids/Recyclery too. It’s in a close-in connected neighborhood. It’d be great then to expand to NoDa, Plaza-Midwood and Elizabeth one day. We could begin with Sundays in the summer.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Pamela –

      Crossroads, which is a dept of the Foundation for the Carolinas is working with the City Nborhood and Dev dept to fashion some kind of cyclovia. One of their goals is to make sure the neighborhood(s) it goes thru are mixed income. From the little we have been told they are looking at West Charlotte for one route and that they are in a very preliminary stage of route identification.

      CABA has been invited to participate as well.

      I am passing your suggestion onto Chris Gladora, CABA’s rep.

      – martinzimmerman

  2. Patrick says:

    Regarding bike racks, how good have you found Charlotte to be in enforcing the land use code? I ask because the new Bloom store over on Park Rd in Dilworth installed a rack, but it is a grid style bike rack that isn’t permitted under the land use code.

    Also, Icehouse and the Atherton Market could use some good U-racks (the latter has an old grid rack that has been there a while).

  3. mike says:

    How about 1-2 bike racks at the Arboretum shopping center in South Charlotte. The only place to tie up bikes are on trees, benches, or on railings by handicap ramps (and obstructing wheelchairs).

    • Ryan Stachurski says:

      I always see leaning bikes at the “Heckinger Shopping Center”, TJMaxx, Home Depot strip mall at Woodlawn and South Blvd adjacent to the Woodlawn light rail stop.

      • martinzimmerman8 says:


        Thx for the heads up. Can you check with a tenant and find out who manages the strip center with a phone # or email adddress ? I could also use some .jpg photos that give some idea of sidewalk depths, hopefully in front of big box stores with a depth of more than 10 feet if you have time to take it.

        I can take it from there.

        – mz / CABA

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