Mark your calendar:  Sat. Sept. 18

We continue to mourn the death last March 17 of Adam Little, 34, of Mount Pleasant, team manager of theSubaru/Gary Fisher Elite Road team. Adam was struck by a driver while commuting.  The collision happened on NC HWY 49 N in Concord at 7:30 am. It was daylight, clear and dry.  Adam was wearing a helmet and had a bike safety light. He  is survived by his wife Melissa and two daughters, Aidan and Welsey.   We now hear that Habitat for Humanity of  Stanly County is hosting a “Live like Adam” 50k and 100k fundraiser.

To sign up CLICK:  Adam

Also the trial of the driver who killed AdamStacy Renee Shaw case is concluded.  According to the Cabarrus Clerk of Court’s office,  she pleaded guilty, and did get 18 months probation, (with an admonition that if she violated that, she’d get 45 days in jail) plus 80 hours community service. At the trial, it came to light that she received a speeding ticket shortly before hitting Adam, and another shortly after, and one for driving with suspended/revoked license. One cannot help but be dismayed by flays in our justice system which allow such lenient sentencing in cases such is this.

Thanks to CABA member Mark Ortiz for researching the trial outcome and Daniel Bennett for alerting us to the ride.


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