Thank you, Charlotte Observer

Kevin Siers' cartoon

From reporter Ely Portillo’s solid coverage on Aug 8 “A local columnist at Charlotte’s Creative Loafing newspaper angered the cycling community with a July story headlined “Crash Test Dummies: The cycling epidemic,” and opined that riders were creating dangers for themselves comparable to that of cigarette smoking and obesity. The article posted a pointed editorial response from the Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance. Cyclists also showed their displeasure with a ride around the newspaper’s “Best of Charlotte” awards party last week.”

(Thank you also to CABA member Joey Emanuel and his entourage of tattood urban deviants who hosted the ride.)  To read the full article, CLICK: Thanks, Charlotte Observer .

To read the August 12 Observer editorial, “Time to Chill Out – Why such rage toward cyclists ? – more cyclists save us money” CLICK: Pass me the Chilli. This editorial was picked up by Planetizen website with a massive international circulation !



  1. Sara Kazemi says:

    Wow, what a disgusting cartoon. I don’t even think most cyclists ride because they cannot afford a car. What a gross assumption.

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