A huge success.. and what shenanigans !

They asked for 300 signups and we gave them 340 and then we guzzled 7 kegs of beer; they asked for zany costumes and they got that too (but not as much as hoped for….but hey, that’s Charlotte); they asked for good weather and we gave them a blast furnace. Too many people to thank including Josh, Hans, Janice, Joey, Weldon (see photos!), Jeff, Jackie, WSOC camera crew, CharMeck Park and Rec, and all you Dads out there who made Father’s Day UAR day. Thanks New Belgium Brewery, the world’s most environmentally conscious brewery (powered by a windmill) for adding the Queen City to their growing list of successful venues and for designating CABA and Trips for Kids as the beneficiaries of the UAR.

Were you there ? Tell it like it was, by clicking the bubble below >


4 Responses to URBAN ASSAULT RIDE – June 20

  1. Kelly Russell says:

    I WAS there! Wishing the whole while I was a participant rather than an observer, but found out about it too late. My daughter and I drove from Morganton to cheer on all the hearty souls who sweated it out from check-point to check-point. We drove to the checkpoints to watch the shenanigans, you all were creative in the check-point challenges. I wished I could have gone down that slide at Ray’s! I hope this event will be offered again next year becuase you can count on ME bringing a team (or few) with me.

  2. Kelly Russell says:

    Where do the replies go when one leaves one? I left a message last week and don’t see it. Is it only for your view or public view? Just curious to know how the reply option works.

  3. martinzimmerman8 says:

    It’s for public view Kelly; sorry about the delay in posting it. mz / Exec Director / CABA

  4. Ryan Stachurski says:

    FYI, I just see two responses: June 28, 2010 at 3:55 pm & July 13, 2010 at 5:55 am.

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