Fri a.m. NEWS FLASH!

Six cyclists hit in Cabarrus County on Wed.

Hit and run driver. Will it ever end ? Same team as the one Adam Little was on. Only a few media outlets carried the story.  The driver was charged with 6  counts of felony after leaving the scene of the crash. For details see CABA member Weldon Weaver’s website: Charlotte Velo (icon on right column of this page).

A bicyclist was also reported hit by a CATS bus yesterday on North Tryon inboard from Sugar Creek at a bus stop. No details available at this time.


2 Responses to Fri a.m. NEWS FLASH!

  1. Diane says:

    I travel around the Balyntine area each afternoon teaching piano lessons. Each time I see the group of 10-30 bicyclists riding on HWY 521 at rush hour, I hold my breath that someone will not hit them.
    The riders take up the entire right lane where the speed limit is either 45 or 55 mph. I have personally witnessed near misses at least 3 times. This is what happens:
    An SUV is coming up on the bicyclists in the right lane. He quickly changes to the left lane and the car behind him doesn’t see the riders and slams on brakes.
    I believe in sharing the road, but I also think the riders should use more common sense, like planning the trips on a Sat or Sun at 6:am where they will be safer, or riding single file off the hyw.
    I’m so sorry that accident happened! Be safe and realize that there are many idiots out there who should not have drivers licenses.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      I agree with you and when I was interviewed by WFAE last week this question came up. I recommended that they ride on the weekends (or late at nite or very early a.m.) as you also have done in your email below.

      martin / CABA exec director

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