AT LAST ! .pdf of BIKE MAP…

… Reissue of map……

Bikemap09 Charlotte Cycling Guide 10 is coming.  Possibly by May BIKE! Charlotte.  This map is an outgrowth of the 2008 Bicycle Master Plan and is designed and published by the City of Charlotte Dept of Transp (CDOT). Meant to complement the new Google maps service. Maps will be free.

There will also be a .pdf version to appear on the CDOT website. Stay tuned !


79 Responses to AT LAST ! .pdf of BIKE MAP…

  1. Erik Owens says:

    Would like one of the new maps, please.

    12644 Sabal Park Drive, Apt.#303
    Pineville, NC 28134

  2. Mark says:

    Mark Sussman
    633 Elliott St NE
    Washington, DC 20002

  3. Jerome Deveix says:

    I’d also like a couple copies please.

    3632 Commonwealth Ave Charlotte NC 28205

  4. James says:

    Will you have copies available at Sept. CABA meeting?

  5. Tracey Keitt says:

    I would love to have a map. If you could send it to my Queens University mailbox that would be great.

    Tracey Keitt
    1900 Selwyn Ave. MSC #470
    Charlotte, NC 28274

  6. Patrick Paige says:

    That rocks! I’d love to get one for the whole office –

    1100 S Tryon St, Suite 300
    Charlotte, NC 28203

  7. John Lowen says:

    I would also like one of the new maps.

    12214 Longmont Dr.
    Charlotte, NC 28277

  8. Brian Zepsa says:

    PLease send me a copy. Thanks in advance

  9. ncbiker says:

    Can’t you scan the map and have a link to it? Why not post it online?

  10. Cindy Turner says:

    Would love a copy of the map please.
    1414 Briar Creek Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28205


  11. Jodi newman says:

    could I get a map as well?

  12. Bill Short says:

    I would like a map, Please. Mail to

    Bill Short
    8300 Merrimack Court
    Charlotte, NC 28210

  13. Nicole Bartlett says:

    Could I get a map please?
    Bartlett Family
    2525 E 5th St
    Charlotte NC 28204

  14. dave huntley says:

    i would like a map please –
    1509 lilac road
    clt 28209

  15. David Bullard says:

    Please send me a map. Thanks!!! David Bullard
    104 Westbrook Drive
    Butner, NC 27509

  16. Blair Israel says:

    Please send a copy of the Charlotte Cycling Guide 09 to Centralina COG, c/o me. Thanks for getting in touch.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Give us a couple of weeks.
      So many requests and so little time !
      Can you distribute some at Centralina ? We have plenty.
      Maybe in your lobby.

  17. Blair Israel says:

    Absolutely. Send us a bunch.

  18. Alan Simons says:

    Heck send me one you never know when I will get a itch to come down there and ride..

    Alan Simons
    23A Campground Rd.
    Asheville,NC 28805

  19. John Thrasher says:

    Please send me a copy:

    John Thrasher
    11704 Woodmere Trace Dr
    Charlotte, NC 28277

  20. John Hagen says:

    John Hagen
    163 Turnberry Ln
    Mooresville, NC 28117-9733

    Sounds like a great map!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  21. Bonnie Foulds says:

    Please send a copy of the bike map to:

    Bonnie Foulds
    P.O. Box 470318
    Charlotte, NC 28247-0318


  22. Please send me a map.
    PO Box 240881
    Charlotte, NC, 28224

  23. Brian Caldwell says:

    I would like one of those maps.

    Brian Caldwell
    317 Rutledge Rd.
    Mount Holly, NC 28120

  24. Todd Peterson says:

    I would like the Charlotte bike map.
    Please send to

    Todd Peterson
    6710 Northbury Ln
    Apt 215
    Charlotte, NC 28226

  25. Sam Fuller says:

    I would appreciate a copy of the map as well.

    6716 Pleasant Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28211

    Thank you.

  26. Matthew Lueders says:

    Matthew Lueders
    8010 Angelica Lane 301
    Charlotte, NC 28277

    Thank you.

  27. Allison Navarro says:

    Please send a copy to:
    Allison Navarro
    2309 Charlotte Dr.
    Charlotte, NC 28203

  28. martinzimmerman8 says:

    Kim –
    Please be patient, we are running low on maps.

    martinzimmerman Exec Director

  29. Oliver says:

    Would love a copy if these are still available – I just moved to your wonderful state and this sounds like an excellent resource!

    Oliver Burns
    4545 Sugarberry Drive
    Apt 917
    Charlotte, NC 28269

  30. Marcus says:

    Please send me a copy of the bike map to
    Marcus Barnwell
    8210 Willowlake COurt
    Charlotte, NC 28205

  31. liza pratt says:

    If they are still available, I’d like a copy of the bike map.
    2559 selwyn ave, charlotte NC 28209

    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      Yes. They are still available but we normally send a bunch out at the end of each month. Thanking you in advance for your patience.

      martin zimmerman/ CABA

  32. Daniel says:

    Would love one of these maps! I’ve been trying to figure out where all of these numbered routes go for a few weeks now. Please send one to me at work:

    Redwood Wealth Management
    Attn: Dan
    5821 Fairview Road, #114
    Charlotte, NC 28209

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      You will need to contact Ken Tippette the city bike program manager. We are basically out of maps now, Daniel.

      His phone is 704.336.2278

      mz / CABA

  33. melanie fabian says:

    Would love to ride after work and bike lane runs past our school. I’m not sure how far it runs. Would love a map to better plan my ride. Thank you melanie

    Melanie Fabian
    3712 solen dr.
    Harrisburg, NC 28075

    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      Am sorry to say this, but Harrisburg is somewhat outside the CABA geographical range. We focus on Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte.

      – mz/ CABA

  34. Rupert the Bear says:

    Post a PDF version please, so our bike map can be as green as our mode of transportation. Many thanks!

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Hey Rupert the Bear

      We get this request frequently. I urge you to contact the city bike manager.
      Work Phone:336.2278

      Since you are a bear you might have more clout than CABA. My understanding is that we cannot post it on our own unless they give us the technology to do it. We have asked repeatedly that they post it on their own website so we can link it to ours but without success. On their behalf, however, they may be holding out until an updated version is completed.

      – mz / CABA

  35. Ryan says:

    Thank goodness! The internet age!

  36. Allison Navarro says:

    Would love a map too!

    2309 Charlotte Dr.
    Charlotte, NC 28203

    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      Contact Ken Tippette bike coordinator with City of Charlotte for a map.

      – mz / CABA

  37. Craig5055 says:

    I’m looking for the PDF that was mentioned in the post. Is there a map of the Charlotte Cycling Guide online?

  38. Nick says:

    Are those cycling maps all gone yet? If not I would love to get one!

    1733 Wandering Way
    Charlotte NC 28226

  39. Allison Timperio says:

    I would like one too, when ya get a chance or new supply. Thanks.

    10344 Lady Candice Lane
    Charlotte NC 28270

  40. […] Hopefully the Charlotte Cycling Guide will be reissued and posted on the CDOT website soon as suggested by CABA here. […]

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