Inside / Out Sports Charlotte

Inside-Out Sports , Charlotte, opened its doors in April 2007 managed by long time triathlete, runner, and cyclist Bob Nixon, and triathlete, runner, and swimmer Melissa Bell.

Bob Nixon has over 30 years in the cycling and triathlon industry, mechanic to numerous continental professional teams, Ironman mechanic.

Melissa has a masters degree in Exercise Physiology June 2009. She educates customers in all areas of triathlon and its effects on the human body. She is currently the womens 25-29 Lowes Time Trial Record Holder.

Inside-Out Sports Charlotte also has 3 employees who have participated in triathlons over 30 years, two Team RAAM participants, as well as USAT and USCF certified coaches.  Come in and let us share our knowledge and passion for cycling and triathlons with you.

Melissa, Bob, Greg and Melinda (Mascot Cerberus on the left)

Inside-Out Sports 1514 South Church Street

in South End

ph: (704) 333-8331

Open Weekdays 10am-8pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 1pm-5pm

Inside-Outside Sports is a proud Corporate Sponsor of CABA


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