1. Don’t weave or wobble; it gives the impression you don’t know what you are doing.

2. Stay 4 or 5 feet from parked cars to avoid doors. Slow down as you pass and look in the window for drivers as you come closer. Look at left front wheel; if it is angled out that may mean the driver is about to exit the parking space.

3. Never ride in lanes against traffic no matter how wide the lanes are.

4. Obey all traffic signs and regulations, especially red lights.

5. Sidewalks: In Charlotte it is legal to ride on sidewalks.  But if there are lots of driveways, beware. Statistics indicate that driveways a key danger zone because drivers don’t look for cyclists when exiting.

6. Entire lanes:  Don’t hesitate to use an entire traffic lane by keeping to the center. But look back as cars approach to show them you are aware. Lowering your free arm and shake it in a backwards motion to signal cars to slow down.

7. Courtesy is crucial: Tilt your head towards a passing vehicle, wave and smile. You are a good-will ambassador at all times !

8. Buy a rear view mirror and use it, use it, use it.

9. Buy a safety certified helmet, keep it in at tight fit and always wear it.

10. Wear an orange safety vest, bright jersey or bright jacket at all times.


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