Thanks all for making it happen…

In January, CABA posted a call to flood Google with requests. Now USA city and trail maps are just a few mouse clicks away. They include trails and bike lanes, “turn by turn” biking directions, drag and drop points to create custom routes and even a way to give Google feedback. 150 cities. Also thousands of miles of Rails-to-Trails.

To see Charlotte, Click: Maps .


2 Responses to GOOGLE MAPS for BIKE ROUTES

  1. This feature is in the works, and this link has more information on how we can help:

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Excellent info Jonathan. What the bike community in Charlotte needs is somebody dedicated to putting local bike routes on-line. (and from there they might go to Google some day).

      Weldon did some very very preliminary research on this which lead him to believe that it would cost an enormous amount of money and time to do the kind of thing they did in Vancouver through academic sources at the University. Like $100 k. But I don’t think he actually contacted them directly. I wish CABA could get a HUGE grant to hire the consultants to make this thing happen on a local scale.

      CDOT does not appear to be moving forward on this for reasons that I have not been able to ascertain.

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