The best year ever

From Martin Zimmerman / CABA Exec. Director

I know from having lived in Washington DC for several years that March weather there can be cold, wet and clammy, but this year the skies were crystal blue, the temperature in the 60’s and the spirits high (even on the crowded METRO rail!) As I took the METRO last Tuesday to the posh Ronald Reagan International Center, located a few blocks from the home of the Obama family, I had no idea the Annual Summit conference hosted by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) with over 700 attendees from the US, Canada and Australia, would be the largest in a decade. North Carolina also had its largest delegation – a total of 17 – representing TREK and other industry reps, road and mountain bike clubs, bike shops, and bike / ped planners. This year Ken Tippette, Charlotte’s bicycle program manager (dressed in a grey pin-stripe suit!) participated as panelist for the workshop highlighting cycling and mass transit. Bart Stetler of South Park Cycles and Steve Doolittle of Cool Breeze Cycles (both shops are corporate sponsors of CABA) rounded off the Charlotte group.

To read my personal journal, CLICK: Summit DC


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