Making progress…

But we need more help ! CABA is now working with Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Lowes Home Improvement and other large commercial enterprises to reach the goal of 100 rack commitments by May Bike Week. At the smaller scale are businesses like Phat Burrito, Pikes, and Einstein Bagels in the South End.

Racks, including installation costs are FREE ! All racks painted black on heavy duty steel.

Got ideas ? Click the “Leave a comment” bubble below and let us know. Let’s make this program a big success ! ! Thanks to CABA member John Harding for recording locations we have received n a Google map. Check out this map so that you don’t duplicate earlier efforts.


28 Responses to UPDATE: 100 MORE BIKE RACKS

  1. Are schools out of the question? What about transit locations like larger bus/lynx stops and park and ride pick-ups in Charlotte? Large private employer locations? Wachovia/Wells CIC building on WT Harris? UNC Charlotte? How about Greenway entrances?

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      I sent you a personal reply Jonathan.
      Basically no racks allowed on any public or institutional properties.

  2. Pamela Murray says:

    McCreesh Place on the corner of 24th and N. Davidson needs a bike rack. There are several bikes now locked on parking poles but they’re all taken. 2 or 3 would be better. This is a great organization and these are riders who would be well-served by securing their primary transportation.

  3. In the spirit of electronic conversation, replies might be best suited within the blog instead of off-line via e-mail. That way we can brainstorm collectively and better understand what is suitable or not.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Good point Jonathan. One can always send a second email directly to the other person if need be that is not applicable to group sharing.

  4. andrew israel says:

    How about in front of the new Bechtler museum?
    Also can we have any input on the overall desig?
    The upside U is less than harmonious IMHO.

    imho = in my humble opinion

  5. andrew israel says:


    Here is a link to a contest that was held
    and where a winning bicycle design was selected.
    Once we put something in the ground that is ugly we are stuck with it…

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      you must be psychic. We sent an unsolicited letter which spelled out in detail exactly the same proposal with links to NYCity and other places.
      But, alas it was close to the time the museum opened and they may have been swamped with set-up work.

      Is this a project you might be interested in moving forward on (at least to get our foot in the door ) ? – mz

  6. Pamela Murray says:

    Admittedly I live in Plaza Midwood and many of these are in that are, but here goes…McDonald’s on Central, Common Market in front (rack is on back), Penguin, Lowe’s on Sounth Blvd, Revolution Pizza in NoDa, Fuel Pizza on Central, Dairy Queen on Central, Amelie’s in NoDa (don’t know if they have a rack), CVS on Central, Family Dollar on Central, Dim Sum on Central.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      Thx very much. I think I can assign this task to one of our members who is retired. He would contact locations you mentioned especially those with other outlets like Family Dollar and Fuel Pizza.

      How did the meeting go last nite ?

      – mz

    • Patrick says:

      Actually Lowe’s on South has a number of bike racks, both at their main entrance and along the side on South Blvd. Common Market (Southend) and Phat Burrito could both definitely use some racks, though. As could Einstein Bagels/Laurel Market/CVS on South Blvd.

      I’m also watching the new Bloom store on Park Rd (they’re renovating the old Bi Lo location) to see if they’re going to put in racks, but there’s nothing yet.

      • martinzimmerman8 says:


        Because the city ordinance which is a few years old REQUIRES racks, you see that places like Lowes have them and the contract does not allow any more in those locations. I am not sure if the ordinance requires racks where renovations occur. The entire South End is a very important market obviously and we in the process today of trying to contact an overall managing party who knows the inside andout of property owners so we don’t have to go door to door to find clients (very time consuming).

        But your keeping us in touch with specific properties is great. Even better would be your talking to the tenants specifically.

        – mz/CABA

  7. Please consider installation at the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson. The building is actually owned by CMS, leased to the Town of Davidson and then sub-leased to the not for profit Center. It serves as a full service health, education and Human Services Center serving North Mecklenburg and South Iredell. We serve all ages and many neighborhood children ride bikes to travel to the Center. We have an after-school program serving 60 children and house a Boys and Girls Club. Please contact me if I can answer any questions! 704-896-0471 x107.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      FYI the rack program is limited to the City of Charlotte and only private owned buildings as per website. – mz/CABA

  8. Pamela Murray says:

    A few more suggestions on bike rack locations:
    Cooking Uptown on 7th at Hawthorne
    Spoon’s – same corner across the street
    Ben and Jerry’s on Providence and on Park Rd.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Could you tell if there was room on paving that is not public sidewalk and within 50 ft of a customer entrance ? – mz

  9. 1. South Park Mall at various entrances.
    2. Phillips Place Shopping Center near the Dean Deluca, Movie Theatre, Dean & Deluca Wine Bar, and at the outdoor common area.
    3. Foxcroft Shopping Center near the Brixx Pizza or at multiple spots.
    4. One Wachovia Building entrance. I almost always see a bike messenger bike leaning against the pillar here, why not have a bike rack or two.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:


      Thx but it is important to observe if there are single loop racks already. That means they have already satisfied the requirements of city ordinance which came into effect 3-5 years ago. South Park Mall is one example and I think but am not positive that Phillips Place is also – mz.

  10. I’ve taken the liberty to consolidate all of these suggestions into a single custom Google Online Map. If others would like to have the ability to add to this map, please reply to this comment, and I can add you as an editor to the custom map.


  11. Daniel Benett says:

    Am pleased to report that the new duke Energy building has Bike racks the the Mechter Museum has one and that other learnii ng place in the middle has one. But the african American Cultural Center dose not have a bike rackat all. I guess they over looked that part of the City Ordinance. to my surprise Lowes in the South End off of S. Blvd has a few bike racks close to the entrance which was rather interesting. Still scouting good spots for bike racks. for the record South Park dose have bike racks but they are by the food Court!

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      I was at the Bechtler last nite and did not see any racks. Where exactly are they ?

      South Park was required to have them by ordinance as was Lowes.

      – mz  / CABA

      • Patrick says:

        The Bechtler racks (well, rack) is the standard city rack along Tryon. That’s the only one I’ve been able to find in the vicinity.

  12. Patrick says:

    I’ve got anotehr suggestion for a Southend location –
    Gin Mill/Tavern/Greek Isles could use a couple of racks somewhere.

  13. I’d like to have a rack outside my store. How do I get this done? Who do I talk with/work with?

    Teresa Hernandez

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