Survey results are avail now….

Big turnout, big ideas, high hopes for the coming year……. CLICK: Photos for rest of series. Special thanks to CABA member Weldon Weaver for sending us these pics.

For the Feb. 6 meeting agenda, CLICK: Workshop.

Photos top to bottom: (1) rapt audience numbering 40 -50 (2) Mayor Anthony Foxx talks about the budget crunch, (3) Attny. and CABA member Ann Groninger of spells out her caucus group’s  priorities for 2010.

Survey results of meeting are available now.  Caucus followup coming shortly.



  1. Weldon says:

    Great Q&A with Mayor Foxx!

  2. Laura Foust says:

    Thank you Martin…I really enjoyed the meeting. Very nicely done! Mayor Foxx did a great job answering our questions. Thanks for inviting him!

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Thanks Laura.
      Lots of other people besides me deserve credit….including Mayor Foxx’s son who I saw feeding him the answers ! – mz

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