It’s called a “road diet”

Dateline: Feb. 13, Charlotte Observer –  In case you don’t know what “road diet” means, that’s when auto lanes on an existing street are removed or narrowed allowing for wider sidewalks and bike lanes. The idea is to adapt South Tryon Street between Stonewall Street and Carson Boulevard to pedestrians and bicyclists, especially theportion on the  I-277 bridge. Similar to what was done on East Blvd.

The city intends to start with a 90-day demonstration project, starting March 15. They’ll temporarily restripe the lanes on the pavement and put up bollards. Tryon will go from four lanes to three – two northbound and one southbound – between Stonewall and Carson. Thanks to Jim Kimbler, CDOT planner and other city staff for their hard work behind the scenes. For full article,  CLICK: Time to diet


One Response to GOOD NEWS – BIKE LANES FOR S.Tryon

  1. Daniel Bennett says:

    The road Diet demonstration is looking Good. Cant wait till its ita all real 4 sure.

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