“Complete the Streets” award …


Dateline: Dec 3 – Washington D.C. – Another victory for the bike community:  Unexpected but well-deserved. Much thanks to those of you who emailed, phone called and spoke at the City Council meeting  2 years ago to urge passage (almost 100 emails !) . Charlotte is one of the only cities in U.S. to get serious about retrofitting an outdated street design system. Thanks to Danny Pleasant and rest of CDOT staff for their hard work and perseverance despite the usual grumbling from the REBIC developer lobbying interests.

CLICK: EPA text for details. CLICK: Mary Newsom the Naked City for today’s Op-Ed piece in the Observer… Says Mary: “Charlotte adopted Urban Street Design Guidelines to make walking, bicycling, and transit more appealing and to make the city more attractive and sustainable….”


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