CABA’s newest Board of Director Member

“I have  lived in Charlotte for a little over four years.  I put in about 10 to 12 thousand miles a year. Now that’s a combination of group rides, work miles as a courier and me just commuting everywhere.Its the only way to be green for me anyway. I have biked in 7 states and one foreign country ( South Korea). I also work as a bike messenger in Uptown Charlotte and have been doing it for over two years. Bike advocacy and CABA are new area for me. I have always thought that you you have to have a presence on the roads to make a difference but I now realize that you have to work with the people who get things done to make an even greater impact.”
Ride baby ride...like a mystery ship


  1. Pamela Murray says:

    Thank you for being a Board of Director. You’ll be a great addition to the organization and provide a unique perspective. I applaud your mileage. Thank you for being part of the transportation solution.

  2. Andrew Israel says:


    When I read your bio I though of something I read
    last night in a book about the American
    Revolution that I am reading. The book is called
    “Rise to Rebellion” by Jeff Shaara. It has a quote by John Adams:

    “Excercise invogorates, and enlivens all the faculties
    of the body and mind….It spread a gladness
    and satisfaction over our minds and qualifies
    us for every sort of business, and every sort of pleasure.”

    Thanks for living those words.

    Andrew Israel

  3. Daniel Benett says:

    Thanks for the Support. It means so much to me. And I will do my best for sure to be apart of the awesome team of Dan, Martin, and Weldon to move foreward to make this city an awesome city for bikers and Pedestrians alike! Now go get on your bike. this winter is gonna be nice and warm for sure!

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