……Or is this “greenwashing”

Bofa1 Bank of America Center almost complete: Behind the BofA headquarters and next to the new Ritz-Carleton. The good news is that it will be the first real commitment in Uptown Charlotte to in-building bike facilities. We’re talking 200 or more racks, showers and changing spaces. The bad news is hidden behind the tower. Guess what? It’s a 12-story (!) parking deck. Is this “green” or is this “greenwashing?” You decide.

To see their seductive video, CLICK: BofA “green:” tower, and open “Overview”.


2 Responses to BofA GOES GREEN…..

  1. Pamela Murray says:

    Who’ll be eligible to use them?

  2. martinzimmerman8 says:

    Rumor has it that only BofA employees in this building and adjacent buildings will be able to use the racks.

    – mz / CABA

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