Candidate Face-off… this Thursday….!

Some seats still available

DATE: October 8 TIME: 6:30 – 7:45
LOCATION: Dowd YMCA – 7th floor to right of elevator. Bike parking in front and rear of building. If driving a car come early. Parking lot is loaded during eve hours.

This is the most important event since the bike plan kick-off meeting in Fall 2007 – – That’s when Mayor McCrory spoke to a standing-room-only audience of 128 passionate cyclists. Now that was a show of force !

But a lot has changed since then – – Recession. Cost containment. Layoffs.  Both candidates claim to be supporters of the bike agenda. But what happens when one becomes Mayor and faces the tough choices ahead? Will road resurfacing and lane building continue ? Will the bike budget get the ax ? Will the bike plan be put on the shelf like so many other plans ? Without a big showing on Oct. 8 we will only have ourselves to blame for any future setbacks.

This is a CABA hosted event with a CABA representative serving as the evening’s moderator.  Together we can make a difference !

Submit any questions you want the candidates to answer using the “Leave a Comment” bubble below until Oct 7  for consideration.

< Anthony Foxx (Democrat) vs.

John Lassiter (Republican) >foxxLassiter

…..Your chance to hear: What is their past bicycle record ? What are their future priorities for bicycling in Charlotte ? ? What is their vision for Charlotte’s future ?

…….Whom do You want as the next Mayor of Charlotte ? ?


2 Responses to A MUST- ATTEND EVENT ! – CABA Town Meeting

  1. Harry says:

    Explain your positions for the Bike Plan, and Complete Streets.

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