World’s best bike cities ? ?

xxxxWired vs. Copenhagenize – which one is accurate ?….you decide:

Copenhagenize picked 18 top world cities There are large cities and small on the list, from Tokyo to Davis, USA. Davis was only USA city. Hmmm.

Wired online put together a list of the top 11 friendliest global cities Four USA cities appeared on the LAB list. Hmmmm.

Tell us what your vote is.



  1. james says:

    whenever your group actually steps up and condemns cyclist that proceed through red lights while cars are waiting on green and has the guts to call out your fellow cyclists who break the law every single time they ride in the road side by side……..then maybe the city of charlotte and the rest of us normal citizens will ever give you the respect you deserve. you cannot have it both ways…read the law…side by side riding when 2 or more bikers is illegal. i challenge you to monitor selwyn ave. and queens rd. on any weeknight at 5:30 and roll our sleeves up and be fair…or you can just complain about cars for the next 40 years and look the other way.

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