A shocker in Asheville….

As if the news of Bruce Rosar’s July 11 tragic death in the Raleigh/ Durham area was not bad enough, a flurry of emails were exchanged recently in response to an Asheville motorist who argued with, then shot a bicyclist after confronting him about riding with his 3 year old on a busy street. The bullet went through the bicyclist’s helmet, just missing his skull. A hate crime, but to what extent it was directed at cyclists rather than general rage is anyone’s guess right now. At least this time the arrest was made on attempted murder charges.  The driver has been released on $200,000 bail awaiting trial. CLICK: Asheville for full article.…and in South Carolina >>> Newer, tougher S.C. bicycle safety laws have gone largely unenforced by police agencies (and they received national attention) since passage last year.  Cycling advocates appeared at City Council recently to protest and to question why the driver wasn’t cited under the new state law, which carries stiffer criminal and civil penalties up to $1000. “Officers at some agencies haven’t been trained to implement the new laws or are unaware that the stiffer laws exist” , says Sally Nicholson, who represents the Upstate as a board member on the Palmetto Cycling Coalition. CLICK: Police enforcement advocacy for more. …and at the CABA tent at the 24 Hours of Booty >>> many people visitedour table with personal horror stories of harassment, crashes, near crashes and questionable police responses. These were cyclists with lots of road experience. …and elsewhere in Charlotte >>> CLICK: CharlotteVelo for the local website which hs up-to-date reporting and all crashes complete with maps.

Yes, there is a process of reporting cases of aggressive drivers within the City of Charlotte to the police. CLICK: the comment below this text and read specifics as provided to CABA.


3 Responses to BIKE CRASHES…more BAD NEWS

  1. martinzimmerman8 says:

    To report an aggressive driver,CLICK:Report Aggressive Driver in the Government Resources column on this webpage and complete the form. When submitted, the form goes to the police department, and the police provide a copy to the Charlotte DOT. The police also send a letter to the registered owner to remind them of driving courtesies and the rights of cyclist to be on the road. Obviously, in order for the police to get the owner’s address, the license plate number must be provided. Ken Tippette (Charlotte Bicycle Program Manager) is not positive that the police will provide you with a confirmation that action has been taken, but to get one, please be sure to Include an e-mail address in appropriate field, and ask for a confirmation in the “What happened?” field.
    This form is not intended to report situations where the driver may have shown less than perfect judgment, but should be used for actions of clear aggression by the motorist. Examples include:
    • Objects being thrown at the cyclist.
    • Someone pulling up behind the cyclist and revving their engine.
    • Oncoming traffic crossing the line on the street.

  2. kimberly says:

    i’m looking for the link on the caba or wcnc news site that outline charlotte area cyclist fatalities. i can’t find a link to this information on the caba or wcnc site as the news reporter discussed this morning. thanks

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