Tour de France – the big one for Spain

DATELINE: PARIS – July 26 1 pm  – Alberto Contador won the Tour de France for a second time Wednesday, and Lance Armstrong capped his return to the race with an impressive third-place finish.

FRANCE TOUR DE FRANCE CYCLINGOver nearly 3,500 kilometers and 21 stages of races over three weeks, Contador repelled many challenges in the mountains, excelled in the two time-trials — winning a pivotal race against the clock in the 18th stage — and won the first Alpine stage.

Contador, the 2007 champion, also had to battle a rearguard action within his Astana team, where the comeback of Armstrong to the Tour after 3 1/2 years of retirement raised questions about who would be the team leader.



  1. Jonathan Harding says:

    El Pistelero reins! Contandor had an amazing tour. The way he accelerated away from the group on the Arcalis and the final time trial were jaw dropping rides. I have to admit I wanted Lance to win, but he didn’t have it (this year…). Lance showed there absolutely is a code of team ethics in bicycle racing by several times not chasing Alberto, and Lance’s performance was beyond commendable. Like Prudhomme, I am already drooling at the prospect of next years tour and I want to go, but I suppose I have to wait for the route to be announced before most of the tour companies will begin taking reservations. Anyone else want to go?

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