Gov. Perdue’s new Charlotte office

Dan Faris, CABA Chair and Dick Winters, Mecklenburg County Safe Routes to Schools coordinator, sat down with Budd Berro in the Government Center last week to discuss a range of bicycle rights topics. High on the list was the national campaign to “Complete the Streets”.  CABA doesn’t quite know how it came about, but a few weeks ago the NC Dept. of Transportation issued its own version of Complete the Streets as a policy statement. Supposedly that means they are getting serious about actually building for  bicycles and pedestrians and not just for auto and truck traffic.

Dan and Dick told Budd that such good intentions have been consistently contradicted in practice. This has been particularly harmful to the Charlotte metro area where the heavily used arterial roads are all state-owned. They offered several recommendations to put “teeth” into the new policy. These are available from CABA.

CLICK: NCDOT policy for press release and link /attachment to the full text.

Complete the streets finally comes to North Carolina highways - or does it ?

" Complete the Streets" policy finally comes to North Carolina urban and suburban arterial roads - yes, maybe.... or no ?


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