City to hire bicycle consultant

At the CABA sponsored public forum on June 8  City of Charlotte Project Manager Jim Keenan announced that a consultant is expected to be hired later this year to work with the bicycle community on ways to integrate a bikeway route parallel to the corridor from Uptown to UNC Charlotte.  This is major news for bicycling in Charlotte !Corridor_Base_Map_NO_SCDO - 012709-rev

Much thanks also to Andy Mock (CATS), Kathy Cornett (City Planning staff station coordinator) and Ken Tippette (CDOT bicycle program manager) for helping an enthusiastic audience sort through the status and complexities of this long-term project.

For the complete power point presentation from June 8 click: NE LYNX bikeway

CABA hopes to form a core monitoring committee in the next month to keep the interest and momentum going. Please respond using the “comments” tab just below this photo if you wish to be on the email notification list for this committee ~ ~

Bikeway along the South Corridor - but what about the NE Corridor ?

Bikeway along the South Corridor - but what about the NE Corridor ?


6 Responses to CABA FORUM RESULTS- NEast LYNX Rail

  1. Pamela Murray says:

    Bike lane paralleling the Blue Line extension is badly needed. Don’t forget the recent death of the cyclist on the 29/49 weave. We must do better. It is critical to link UNCC and Uptown. We must be adamant so that all light rail lines will offer accomodations to cyclists.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Well said, Pamela. North Tryon Street is extremely dangerous at the “weave” vicinity where 29 and 49 merge as you are probably aware of already.

      martin / CABA

  2. Jonathan Harding says:

    Can you please add me to the e-mail distro list for this. Thanks.

  3. philip chang says:

    please add me to your email list.

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      No problem. Is there any other special interest you have that I can help you with ?

      Hope you can make it to our annual picnic !

      Martin Zimmerman / CABA Exec. Director

    • martinzimmerman8 says:

      Phil Chang

      Thanks for your interest. We are adding you to the list and you should begin getting alerts and other announcements in the coming weeks. Note that our annual picnic is on August 23. See News and Views page for details. A great chance to find out more about CABA.

      martin zimmerman / Exec Director / CABA

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