Lively Discussion and Goal-Setting

aaA nice-sized group of 23 members and guests gathered on Saturday Jan. 24 at Gateway YMCA to review year 2008 and plan for year 2009. High priorities relate to ways for CABA to elevate its overall “brand” and forthcoming in next week’s News and Views listings. Special thanks to the staff of Gateway YMCA who set up the facility and to Weldon Weaver who took on the role of facilitator at the last minute. Thanks also to City Councilman at Large, Anthony Foxx who spoke about the current budget crunch as lunchtime speaker, and Councilpersons Sue Burgess and Warren Cooksey who made their  presence felt.

To see photos of the annual planning meeting click: Annual Planning Meeting.



  1. Mark Herman says:

    I’ve got a way to remember, might even be a good tagline. Ahhhhh! CABA!

  2. martinzimmerman8 says:

    Mr. Herman ~
    We regret to inform you that your comment above is inappropriate, uncouth and politically incorrect.

    Furthermore, the Board of Directors has already chosen the tagline: Bah.Bah Cahba.

  3. Roger says:

    Conspiracy theory alert: Perhaps CAHBA is a cabal.

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