Four crashes and two fatalities

The past 10 days were the worst in recent memory. An as yet unidentified bicyclist was killed in Gastonia by a drunk driver (although the weather was foggy and the bicyclist had no lights ); Justin and Carrie Andrews, both veteran cyclists, sustained injuries (fortunately not severe) when hit (at 2 p.m. on a dry road) from behind while riding single file. According to witnesses the car was traveling at an estimated 50 mph.The road was dry; James Nelson Binch was hit from behind and killed on University City Blvd. in the vicinity of the dangerous “weave”. James was very popular on the local scene having been among other things, the manager of Spokes and Pedals in Kannapolis, and a mechanic at International Cycles on Independence Ave. There was no better friend of the bicycling community than James.

For detailed information on the James Binch crash, click, JNB. For more information on the Gastonia crash, click Gastonia.

CABA recently began keeping a log of crashes. Ann Groninger, local attorney, bike advocate and CABA member and is the point person. See NC Bike Law icon on this page.



  1. cltvelo says:

    Here’s a Google map showing all of the crashes since May of 2008 click the following.

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