Big Turnout by Bicycle Community

Councilman Anthony Foxx

Councilman Anthony Foxx

The Charlotte City Council’s vote of approval on Sept 8 marked a watershed moment for the future of bicycling in the City of Charlotte.

Ten citizen speakers included Moira Quinn representing Charlotte Center City Partners, Ed Moyers of the Bicycle Commuter Mentor Program and Dick Winters, the newly appointed Program Manager for the County Health Dept’s Safe Routes to Schools initiative. Dan Faris, Chair of CABA, presented 128 emails to City Council. One speaker representing the regional building industry spoke in the negative.

Councilman Anthony Foxx, Chair of the Transportation Committee, made the case for passage.

VOTING FOR APPROVAL -Republican Dulin / Democrats Foxx, Burgess, Turner, Mitchell, Barnes, Carter

VOTING FOR DEFERAL Republicans – Lassiter, Cooksey, Peacock / Democrat Kinsey

Special thanks to staff of CDOT, Toole Design and Land Design, the Plan Stakeholder committee and all who participated in the public meeting process during plan development.

To read the entire document click: The Plan .


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