Wachovia Championship GOLF Bike Valet Service

A Success

Thanks to Weldon Weaver and Board of Advisor member Margie Orell and others who volunteered on a (hot!) sunny day on May 3 at Quail Hollow Country Club. We parked over 220 bikes, garnered some new members and friends, were treated to free food and a chance to watch some of the Championship close-up. A win – win for all concerned. We hope word will spread so that next year we are invited back, possibly for a fee. We also have our sights set on the Panthers.

Here is an email sent by a happy customer to the Championship staff – –

“Greg and I recently volunteered to work at the Wachovia Tournament at Quail Hollow which is not far from our home.. We decided to ride our bikes to and from our shifts. We found a bike rack lot near the entrance which was manned by members of Charlotte Area Bike Alliance. They helped us lock up our bikes and registered our names with our bikes. At the end of the day when we showed up to retrieve our bikes we found a note on one of them informing us that we had a blow-out shortly after arriving. They fixed our bike for free and just asked that we would spread the word about their organization and suggest becoming members. We are grateful for the presence of CABA at the tournament and believe they provide a important service to volunteers and spectators alike.. Supporting bike riders shows again Wachovia’s interest in “green” methods of “doing no harm” to the environment during the tournament. I suggest you do what you can to continue CABA assistance at future tournaments. We’re looking forward to it! “ Greg & Anita Brandner.


One Response to Wachovia Championship GOLF Bike Valet Service

  1. Bill Short says:

    This as a very interesting article about something that I didn’t know was available. Assuming we have a Wachovia Championship (or perhaps a Wells Fargo Citi Championship), I hope you can do this again. It is a great way to attract bicycles instead of cars, and, as the article states, finds us friends.

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